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I woke up one morning and had an idea for a website in my head, so I built Version 1 of this site (no longer updated).  It was really a site with a random generator to visit squash-related websites.  To do that I needed a simple list of sites, which I added in a list page.

It then became clear that the real value of the site was the actual link list.  Instead of having three simple lists; Players, YouTube channels and Websites, if I created a filterable and orderable list, that would be much more useful.

I originally thought that I would separate the list and random generator into two websites, but the "Discover Squash" name was so versatile that I deciced to keep the list and random generator on one page/site.

Please send an email to [email protected] to have your link added to the site.
It's not a requirement of being added to DiscoverSquash, but I'd be grateful if you could link back to somewhere on your site. That way more people will get to hear of it.

Task List

  • Obviously add lots and lots more links!
  • Include events, Orgs, groups, national governing bodies, individuals (coaches etc), equipment manufacturers and clubs.
  • I do not think I will add online shops, but I might. What do you think?
  • Decide how best to manage languages and nationalities.
  • Get people to help add the links and promote the site.

Version 2 Changes

  • Removed the randomise categories and made it one button.
  • Added the filterable table.
  • Converted to a Bootstrap backend - dev stuff.
  • Merge all the pages into one page.
  • Added the "About Me" and "My Projects" sections.


  • 03 Nov: Added 26 new links and this log section. Embedded the How to use Discover Squash video.


Hi!, My name is Phillip and I call myself a "Remote Squash Coach".  I create squash-related content for use online.
I used to be a professional squash coach and was lucky enough to work and play with the biggest names in squash.  You can learn more about me on my website:

I use the following social media sites:
YouTube Community - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Discover Squash: Projects
  • RemoteSquashCoach - Personalised Video Analysis. Coming November 2019.
  • Project Que - A resource site. Coming early 2020.
  • Project Sil - A unique video presentation style. Coming early 2020.
  • Project Cap - Another specialised presentation style. Coming mid 2020.
  • Project Cha - Never waste a training session again. Coming 2020.
  • Project Eve - Turn a tagline into a habit. Coming 2020.